All classes are virtual with option in-person instructions on some Saturday and Sunday classes. Classes may be combined if there is low enrollment. *Special projects that require supplies and equipment are only available in the studio.


One-time registration fee (new student only): $15.00. *All fees include supplies.

Young Art Class(90 min, 4-6 years)$110/month (4 classes)
Kids Art Class(90 min, 5 years+)$160/month OR $425/3 months
Creative Writing(90 min)$220/6 weeks
STEAM Lab: Science In Act(90 min)$220/6 weeks
Painting with Ease(2 hours)$200/month
*Discounts are available for siblings or multiple class enrollments (1 discount only. 10% referral discount for one tuition term.

Art Portfolio Consultation

Personalized consulting services to showcase individual strengths and shine a light on student’s best work. For students seeking to advance the art education in areas of Art, Design, Illustration, Film, Animation, and Architecture.

Tutoring Services

Private 1:1 Creative Writing, Subject Tutoring, Homework Help. Minimum duration is 1 hour.

Pod Tutoring Support learning from your local virtual schools. Pods consist of 3-5 students in the same grade level formed by parents. Minimum duration is 2 hours, 2-3 times a week.

Covid Policy

We will be following CDC guidelines on social distancing, cleaning, etc. All attendees will practice hand-washing and hygiene protocols, face coverings at all times, non-contact temperature checks, 2 students per desk with sneeze guard, no tool sharing, daily disinfecting of indoor space.

Click here to view the full policy.

If you have any other concerns not addressed in the form above, contacts us here.


Classes are paid on a monthly or 3-month basis, due the last class of each month (or term) to secure your seat for the next month. New students starting mid-month will pay $45 per class for the remaining of the first month. There is no refund or credit for any classes missed. *See the “Absences & Make-Ups” below.

Late Fees

$10 late fee will be charged if the tuition is not by the 2nd class of the month (or term). We reserve the right to dismiss any student whose tuition account is outstanding.

Absences & Make-Ups

Make-up classes are given as a courtesy if the studio is notified in WRITING (email or text) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the absence or rescheduling. No show or late notice receives NO makeup.  Make-up can be completed in an alternate class of the week or the video recording of the project. 


If you decide not to continue with our classes, as a courtesy, please send a written notification (email or text) at least two weeks prior to the end of the term so that we can schedule other students. The opportunity to make-up the absence is lost after the enrollment expires.

Late Pick-Up (In-Person Class)

Students must be picked up ON TIME after class. There is a $10 late pickup charge every 15-min block once exceeding the first 15-minute grace period.

Behavior Policy

Our studio is built on mutual respect for all parties involved (students, parents, and teachers.) In the rare case that a student exhibits difficulty or disruptive behavior in the classroom, the parent will be notified. We will attempt to resolve the challenge through a friendly dialogue. If a resolution cannot be reached, it may be deemed that our studio is not a suitable learning environment for a student.

To foster an environment of independence for students, parents are to leave the studio when the instruction begins. Exceptions will be applied to students with special needs (or IEP) who require a “shadow”.

Special Needs

We do our best to accommodate students with special needs if we are aware of it. Please indicate any diagnosis or special needs on the registration form including, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disability, on IEP, PT/OT, etc.