(3rd grade+)

Have you ever built a 3-D kite that flies?  Have you ever used circuitry to make your sculpture light up?  Did you know that the “Fibonacci Spiral” is already hidden in the nature around us and in many famous paintings? 

The new age of the “artist-scientist” has arrived.  This unique hands-on course is designed to focuses on the common lines between creative expression and the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  In each 6-week term, the instructor will teach several projects that highlight unique Art-STEM topics.  They learn new approaches to program solving, innovative design, and critical thinking, as well as the leading edge of science and technology.  This project-based course helps them truly grasp the concept that they would not have experienced in a lecture-base class.  Electronic parts such as LEDs, paper circuits, and batteries will be incorporated in some projects. We offer Young STEAM (age 5-8) and STEAM Lab (age 8 +)