Creative Writing

Creativity is the back bone of all forms of writing.  Do you have a story to tell based on your past experience?  Can you put yourself in other’s shoes and tell their stories, real or fictional?  How do you organize your information and thoughts so that readers can follow the flow? 

Comic-Centric Writing (1st-3rd grade)

Learn the fundamentals of character building, storytelling and writing.  Children will use comics and storyboards as tools to organize their ideas and expand the observation as well as communication skills.  The use of comic book-style panels will emphasize the organization and structure of story-telling in a fun, visual format for students.

Visual Storytelling (4th-6th Grade)

Children will learn how to create their own short stories from start to finish while developing the fundamentals for strong communication and writing in a fun and exciting way! They will write about the topics the children are interested in most and we help them build the characters. This class emphasizes storytelling with the aid of adding visual illustration components from time to time. 

Middle School Writers: Writing Essentials (6th-8th Grade)

Help your child learn how to become a better writer and communicator through a series of fun and interesting exercises.  Kids learn how to clearly state complex ideas, boost their grammar and vocabulary, and organize their writing.  Your child will produce creative works in addition to essays.  College-level concepts and essay-writing techniques are made approachable and exciting for young minds.