What We Do

Art Experience – Center for Creative Education is a space where we believe art is for everyone, both children and adults. With backgrounds in fine art and psychology, we recognize the importance of understanding each student’s individuality and work to meet their needs.

Since most California public schools do not include art in their core instructional curriculum, students’ visual art skills are likely trailing their academic grade level. We place each student on the appropriate level based on the visual art standards defined by the State Board of Education and teach them from there. The learning goal is clear and the result is measurable.

What Sets Us Apart

Art is more than just the reproduction of contours, colors, and techniques.  Life is a work of art and we are its artists, born with the tools–our innate imagination, curiosity, and playfulness–to create anything we can dream of. 

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the art experience for children should focus on not only the finished product, but also on the process of creativity, a process of utmost importance. 

While building on traditional art skills, we use an interdisciplinary approach to the art-making process. The curriculum forges pathways for students to connect dots between arts and other subjects.  Our STEAM Lab and Creative Writing classes were derived from such a concept.

During this journey, some students are encouraged to be flexible and adapt. Others are challenged to polish their skills, working with various two or three-dimensional materials in hand.  The goal is to groom each child to become a more well-rounded person with artistic perception, aesthetic values, as well as self-esteem.

Art Experience emphasizes problem-solving that allows the child to determine the desired end result.  Art Experience seeks to:

  • Improve each child’s visual perception and awareness
  • Exercise each child’s powers of observation and imagination
  • Stimulate their motivation to learn
  • Encourage them to make choices.
  • Have FUN!

Our Teachers

Lee-Jean, Founder

Lee-Jean is the founder of Art Experience. She uses art to guide children through the creative process so that they have the tools to empower their own lives. She also runs “Art Experience Night” to provide a casual and fun environment for adults to create their own works of art. She has served as a docent for the Palos Verdes Art Center and Torrance’s “Adventures in Art” programs. Additionally, she has worked as a presenting artist to several South Bay art programs, which benefit over 45,000 students.

Lee-Jean was brought up in a family of artists and architects and has been practicing art as her life-long passion.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Engineering.  Her extensive psychology background, experience from raising a child with special needs, and more than 20 year’s corporate experience as a designer give her unique perspective to children’s art education.  She believes in making art part of life and, therefore, enjoys creating art projects with materials readily available in our daily lives.

Sarah, Art Instructor

Sarah was born and raised in Torrance, CA where her passion for art began at a young age. She has her AA in Fine Arts from El Camino Community College and studied Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design. She then went on to complete the 6-year Illustration/Animation BFA Program at California State University, Long Beach and graduated with honors. Her Senior Film was the first animated film to be featured in CSULB’s Art Museum in the school’s history. 

Sarah has been working with children since 2004, and began teaching children and adult art classes in 2008. She has been working with The Art Experience since 2011. 

Besides teaching, Sarah has worked as an artist/animator at a digital marketing company in Hollywood, an animator/storyboard artist for an animated series on YouTube. She currently works as a freelance artist, animator, film-maker and graphic designer in her free time.  Samples of her art are displayed in:  sarahspapercuts.blogspot.com

Fu-Tien, Tinker Lab Instructor

Fu-Tien is the instructor of “Tinker Lab: STEM Meets Art.”  He received his Mater of Architecture degree from Georgia Institute of technology.  He is a licensed architect in California and Georgia, whose profession crosses design, engineering, science and math.  He personally developed the “Tinker Lab” curriculum based on intensive research and experiment.  The goal is to encourage students to follow their curiosity and explore at the intersection of science, art, and human perception. Help them seeing the connection of STEAM in life.  He is also a popular  instructor of “Creative Learning Place”, a sister school serving home school children. 

Caroline, Art Instructor

Caroline is a fine artist and digital art designer from Torrance. She has experience teaching a diverse range of art skills including drawing and sketching, wet media such as acrylic and watercolor. She was responsible for many of our theme art camps, such as Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Cartooning. In addition to teaching at Art Experience, Caroline also works as a concept artist and art coordinator for an educational video game company, which collaborates with Dreamwork on many theme projects.

Caroline earned an B.S. in Fine Art from University of Southern California, Roski School of Art and Design. Her favorite pastime is playing video game, of course, and on location sketching and painting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Classes are paid on a monthly or 3-month basis, due the last class of each month (or term) to secure your seat for the next month. New students starting mid-month will pay $45 per class for the remaining of the first month. There is no refund or credit for any classes missed. *See the “Absences & Make-Ups” below.

Late Fees

$10 late fee will be charged if the tuition is not by the 2nd class of the month (or term). We reserve the right to dismiss any student whose tuition account is outstanding.

Absences & Make-Ups

Make-up classes are given as a courtesy if the studio is notified in WRITING (email or text) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the absence or rescheduling. No show or late notice receives NO makeup.  Make-up can be completed in an alternate class of the week or the video recording of the project. 


If you decide not to continue with our classes, as a courtesy, please send a written notification (email or text) at least two weeks prior to the end of the term so that we can schedule other students. The opportunity to make-up the absence is lost after the enrollment expires.

Late Pick-Up (In-Person Class)

Students must be picked up ON TIME after class. There is a $10 late pickup charge every 15-min block once exceeding the first 15-minute grace period.

Behavior Policy

Our studio is built on mutual respect for all parties involved (students, parents, and teachers.) In the rare case that a student exhibits difficulty or disruptive behavior in the classroom, the parent will be notified. We will attempt to resolve the challenge through a friendly dialogue. If a resolution cannot be reached, it may be deemed that our studio is not a suitable learning environment for a student.

To foster an environment of independence for students, parents are to leave the studio when the instruction begins. Exceptions will be applied to students with special needs (or IEP) who require a “shadow”.

Special Needs

We do our best to accommodate students with special needs if we are aware of it. Please indicate any diagnosis or special needs on the registration form including, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disability, on IEP, PT/OT, etc.


Our former student, Nicole H., is now majoring in Journalism at UC Irvine. In her paper, “The Art Experience,” she reflects on her time at the studio and what art has to offer.

“Art Experience Studio is the place where [students] can explore and develop their ideas. Every child wants to contribute something to the world. All they need is one person to tell them it’s possible.”

Nicole H.

Community Service

Even if you are new to our studio, our art projects are NOT new to your children.  We bring affordable visual arts education to school classrooms from developmental kindergarten through eighth grade. The objective is to bridge the gap due to the lack of art funding in California’s educational system.  We are working with several PTA sponsored programs in South Bay:

  • Adventures in Art (Torrance)
  • Hands on Art (Redondo)
  • Young at Art (Manhattan/Hermosa Beach)
  • Art to Grow On (San Pedro/Lomita) 
  • Gateway to Art (Westchester) 

Parent Volunteer Training. 

We run art training workshops to teach 3000+ parent volunteers who, in turn, teach the students in their individual classrooms.  Training includes the methodology, motivation and inspiration, as well as letting the volunteers try their hands at creating the project. 

We encourage volunteers to bring our projects to the community to spread the joy of art. Our project “Proud as Peacock” even traveled internationally to an orphanage in India.  The sculpture project “Forms in Movement” was brought to a senior living facility in Oregon by our parent volunteer.

Pandemic Art Series.

We hosted therapeutic art series since the entire country went into a Safe-At-Home mode, including “Zentangle”, “Coloring”, “Mandala”, “Line Illusion”, and “Labyrinth”. Creating beautiful and repetitive patterns to allow our brain to enter a peaceful flow state to reduce anxiety and help promote a feeling of peace and focus on the present moment, essential during this trying time.